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Onboard clean, well-defined data modeled for generative AI, analytics and activation.

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Useful AI requires AI-ready data. Reactor creates business-ready data from all of your systems and applications, landed in your data warehouse:

How Reactor Works

AI and BI-Ready Data in 3 Easy Steps

Fill your modern cloud data warehouse with data that's
prepped and mapped for AI, analytics and activation.

Define source schemas to ingest normalized source data

Convert messages into records to unify source systems, logging raw data for future-proof data flows along the way.

Label and map data to create common semantic definitions

Leverage metadata to organize and resolve source fields to create common definitions across disparate data.

Configure unique outputs for AI, analytics and data activation

Create business-ready data using semantic structure and definition templates, shaping data with Excel-like functions for you specific use cases.

Key Benefits of Reactor

Four reasons Reactor is the perfect data onboarding solution

Low code / no code pipelines

Build advanced data flows that unify data across sources and schemas with a drag-and-drop interface and simple Excel-like expression language.

A complete semantic layer

Label and map data to common definitions and models for shared data understanding, cataloging and governance across systems, functions, departments and partners.

Future-proof data replay

Immutably log your raw data in Reactor for faster processing, and the ability to remap and reprocess data whenever new use cases arise.

Part of your modern data stack

Reactor plays nicely with your favorite data warehouse, AI algorithms, and BI and data activation tools.

Reactor Key Benefits
Reactor Benefits

Save money on cloud data warehousing & focus your data team on strategic insights.

Increase time-to -value on data infrastructure projects

By reducing time, cost and risk to get to business-ready data, and increase the impact of useful data on business outcomes.

Optimize both upstream and downstream data flows

Reduce the cost of software licenses, storage and compute – especially incurred by the data warehouse.

Drive high-impact business outcomes

Shift the focus of data engineering and analysis teams from plumbing to driving high-impact business outcomes.


Easy integration with all the data sources you use

The flexibility of the Reactor platform allows for a seamless integration with all your data sources.

Happy Reactor Customers

Explore genuine feedback from customers

Can Reactor save you time and money, accelerating your data and IT projects? Don't take our word for it.

“Reactor helps Eberjey unify and model data across our entire business footprint, to better understand our customers and to act on our data. Reactor ensures good data and useful modeling, while we own our data and open data infrastructure.”

Dani May

VP Ecommerce at Eberjey

“Reactor provides near real-time centralized customer insights which can help PacSun marketing and operations create better customer experience. Reactor has been key to PacSun unlocking value from our data.”

Shirley Gao

CIO at PacSun

Shirley Gao

"Reactor helps us reach our customers with relevant, targeted content, drive results, and ultimately own our customer relationships without reliance on a third-party marketplace."

Sam Wilson

Head of Growth at Bala

Sam Wison at Bala

"For the first time ever, we’re looking at how to engage consumers and have them consider direct purchases … where our role is to be able to provide “surprise and delight” moments to the consumer, take advantage of all that great first-party data, and engage them in a more custom fashion."

Jon Troutman

VP of DTC Marketing at Constellation Brands

Jon Troutman

“Reactor’s composable solution reduced our time to market for robust and in-depth retail analytics, while simultaneously enabling our internal data teams to focus on integrating our proprietary data to provide a more complete picture of our audience’s interests and commerce needs.”

Robert Gash

Chief Technology Officer of E-Commerce at Hearst

Robert Gash at Hearst

“At Balsam Brands, we know the importance of using trustworthy data to drive world-class experiences for customers and better company performance. With Reactor and Snowflake, we’re building future-proof data infrastructure for machine learning, advanced analytics and data activation. The goal is to make the data and the tools easy and effective for every business stakeholder across our company.”

France Roy

Chief Technology Officer at Balsam Brands

France Joy at Balsam Brands
Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer all your questions

Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our full documentation.

Easily blend data in your warehouse with data from Reactor. Use our open reference data models to build and customize useful models that span Reactor and non-Reactor data sets.

Reactor provides fully customizable, observable and auditable control over ETL data flows -- from source API, database or flat file to semantically labeled and mapped entities landed in your preferred data warehouse.

Depending on the source systems that you want to integrate, it takes from a few hours to a few days to get data flowing from a source system to destination data warehouse tables.

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